YTLite+ for YouTube

By YouTube (tweaked by Balackburn)

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YTLite: +50 customization options for YouTube, YTLite enhances your viewing experience by removing ads, enabling background playback, and providing control over navigation, overlay, player, tab bar, and Shorts settings.
- iSponsorBlock: Skips annoying sponsor ads inside videos. iSponsorBlock is based on SponsorBlock engine. Basically, this is the iOS version of the SponsorBlock extension.
- YouPiP: enable YouTube's native PiP. More options are in YouTube Settings => General.
- YTUHD: unlock VP9 codec and in effect, enables video quality of 2K and 4K. You can configure YTUHD in YouTube's Settings - Video quality preferences.
- YouTube Dislike Return: brings back Dislike counts under YouTube videos using ReturnYoutubeDislike's API.
- and many more...!



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    By YouTube (tweaked by Balackburn)
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    iPhone, iPad
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    18.30.6 (2.3.1)
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