Bully: Anniversary Edition

By Rockstar Games (tweaked by Laxus)

GET FOR FREETry VIP - No Revokes




Jump to (will lose current progress)
- Ability to jump to any Mission in-game. From Chapter 1 to Chapter 6.
- Ability to jump to any Classes in-game. Art, Biology, Gym, Geography, Math, English, Chemistry, Music, Photography, Shop.
- Ability to play any Minigames such as Arcade, Mowing House 1/2/3, Mowing Part 1/2/3, Paper Route Intro, Paper Route, Keep Ups, Penalty Shots, Bike Store & Tattoos.
- Teleport to any location in-game. Asylum (Ouside), Blue Skies Industrial Part (Trailer Part), Bullworth Town (Outside), Carnival (Outside), New Coventry (Outside), Old Bullworth Gardens (Park), Old Bullworth Vale (Town), High Striker (Carnival Games), etc, etc.

Interrupt time-space continuum
- Ability to Change Time.
- Ability to Change Season. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
- Cycle Weather.

- Toggle FPS (Display and Frames Per Second counter at the bottom of your screen).
- Heal (Heal yourself).
- Give Money (Give yourself unlimited money. The more you tap on this option the more money you will get).
- Disable Crime
- Give Bike
- Invulnerability a.k.a God Mode / Never Die
- Unlimited Sprint
- Unlimited Ammo
- Max Ammo
- One Shot Kills
- All Pranks
- All Weapons
- All Moves
- All Grapples
- All Clothing
- Pass mission (Pass your current mission with success).
- Fail mission (Fail your current mission).

To activate the debug menu, simply tap on the map while in-game



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    By Rockstar Games (tweaked by Laxus)
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    iPhone, iPad
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    1.03.6 (1.1)
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