CarX Drift Racing 2

By CarX (tweaked by Laxus)

GET FOR FREETry VIP - No Revokes



(Buy everything for FREE). This is not Free iAP

NOTE: You can purchase and upgrade for FREE even if you don't have enough. BUT once you exit the game will revert back to normal state, that mean for example if you purchased a new car or car slot and you exit the game, when you re-open it still not purchase. So what is the benefit from this cheat?

1/ Get high end car and complete mission or pvp
2/ If you purchased a new car and upgrade it max with Free Store, but you exit the game and the car will remain unpurchased. BUT once you have enough cash / money and purchase that car again, the full upgrade and slot are still there so it will save you a lot of $



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    By CarX (tweaked by Laxus)
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    iPhone, iPad
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