LRD for TikTok

By ByteDance (tweaked by Abdulkader)

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without watermark
- The ability to share or save the video
- Hide the user interface
- Play the next video automatically ( buggy NOT Working )
- Skip the live while watching automatically
- Show progress bar for video
- Enable high quality video upload
- Save profile picture
- Show the number of videos
- Create a group for favourites
- Increase the number of characters in the comment
- Show country code for the video
- Enable copying for description and account
- Enable comments transparency
- Hide just watched it
- Read closed comments
- Watch videos under review
- hide ads
- change location
- confirm the like
- Confirm follow
- App lock



  • Seller
    By ByteDance (tweaked by Abdulkader)
  • Supports
    iPhone, iPad
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  • Version
    23.5.0 (23.9.0)
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