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a screenshot of the Pokémon Go App, and more on your jailbroken devices using a non-jailbroken iPhone anywhere, anytime…

Remote Features:
- Start/Restart PokémonGo (default)
- Start PokémonGo (Sx)
- Start PokémonGo (iPogo)
- Kill Pogo Launcher
- Reset SxBypass
- Run Auto Touch Scripts
- Respring
- Run Cleaner
- Take Screenshot
- Screen Record
- Displays Device Temperature
- Kill all apps
- Reboot
- Enter Safemode
- Retrieve installed tweaks list
- Run UlCache
- Online/Offline Device status
- Online/Offline Pokémon Go status
- Quick Actions
- Auto Restart PokemonGo hourly
- PokémonGo Freeze Detection/Correction
- Uptime for PokémonGo app
- Discord Notifications For:
-- Device offline status
-- PokémonGo offline status
-- Device temperature exceeds 35°C/95°F


1. On your jailbroken device: Open Cydia > sources > edit > add >
2. Search and install Gx Client tweak
3. On your non jailbroken device install Gx Remote app
4. Open the app and login
5. Select the + icon
6. Name your device and add your jailbroken device udid

Gx Remote discord has moved if you would like to join here:



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    3.0 (Fixed)
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