Houdini Beta 3

By cheesecakeufo

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for this app to work.

Supported Devices

Support for iOS 11.2 to 11.3.1 (thanks to Ian Beer)

Home and lock screen widgets
(temporarily disabled)

Added Passcode customization in iOS 11
(with new features included)

Re-enabled themes in iOS 11
(partially works)

Added customizable icons

Customize iOS 11 Control Center

Option to disable system updates

Option to remove Houdini (stock iOS)

Faster startup time

UI Changes and bug fixes

Cleaner code base

Houdini should not trigger any jailbreak detection and should be compatible with other jailbreaks

By using Houdini, you understand that this
is a beta software and may cause issues.
@cheesecakeufo is not responsible



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    By cheesecakeufo
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    iPhone, iPad
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    Beta 3R1
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